UNITS OF STUDY: utilizing online social networking

Introductory Comment

Background of Online Social Networking


I      What is Online Social Networking?

A Highly Versatile Form of Interpersonal Communication

Online Social Networking in Contemporary Global Societies

Online Social Networking Sites: Likenesses and Differences

II     Uses of Online Social Networking

Enables Interpersonal Communication

Foster and Sustain Social Relationships

Aids in Solving Social Problems 

Promotes Social, Business and Distance Networking

III    Critical Issues that Face Online Social Networking

Social Networking and Social Change

Educational Issues 

Abuses of Social Networking

Constructive Interventions

Personal Safety and Security

Safety Tips

IV   Evolving Policies, Rules and Laws of Online Social Networking

Court Cases and Outcomes

Parental Concerns and Interventions

 Education Policies

 The Future of Electronic Social Networking